Audience Participation Awards

I have a partner that would like to be able to award participants for answering questions correctly or for participating. At the end of the presentation the presenter could award winners based on participation points of badges.

This is a great idea! Can you share more information?

The idea is to create badges (i.e. virtual points) which the facilitator of the webinar can award to participants who answer questions asked by the facilitator correctly. At the end of the webinar a “winner” can be announced as the participant who earned the most points / badges (i.e. the one who answered the most questions correctly). This system would ensure a nice competitive atmosphere resulting in high participant engagement. The result is that everyone is engaged throughout the entire webinar and ensures the webinar ends on a high note as well (i.e. announcement of a winner; perhaps awarded with some kind of prize for this participant).

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How is the presenter going to track those? Just curious